Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not a Basketball Fan

Probably because I don't really understand the game and I think the salaries the NBA players make is obscene. Top it all off with the "stars" thinking they are above everyone else and turn it into a bad attitude. No one likes a troublemaker.

But this post isn't about my ranting and raving...it's about our own children and supporting them as they grow and develop. My oldest son - he's 11 - loves sports. Actually, all my boys love sports! This was Luke's first year playing basketball and even though I wasn't very excited about the prospect, we signed him up.

Organized sports are a wonderful way to teach teamwork, hand-eye coordination and good sportsmanship. All of these can be brought along on their life journey (back to the statement that no one likes a troublemaker). He has developed even stronger friendships and it boosts his confidence. He also has a great coach, Andy, who pushes the boys to reach & exceed their potential, encourages them when they are losing and congratulates them whole-heartedly when they win. Did I say, he's a great coach. Thanks Andy!

This season, the team didn't do so well. Ok, they really stunk, winning only two games and those...barely. Now we are in tournament and it appears they have found their mojo! The first game was a win of 46 - 18 and Luke made 8 points with multiple assists. The second game was more of a nail biter but they pulled out a win of 30 - 20. They play again this Saturday at Indian Hill Middle School. We will all be there to cheer them on. You have to be their life coach, cheerleader and shoulder to cry on.

That's what family does.



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