Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kit Kats from Japan

I received the best gift last Saturday!

I was trolling the internet a few weeks ago and came across an article about Nestle marketing a line of Kit Kats only in Japan. The reason it is such an interesting story is that they incorporate regional flavors into the candy. Here's the link to the original article from Advertising Age; which happens to be one of my top reads! Make sure to check out how they branded a post office for the "Kit Kat Mail" campaign. As seen in my previous blog post, I've got a thing for Asia being that I'm half Korean. Turns out, my sister was traveling to Tokyo for business and I asked her to pick up some of these Kit Kats. So I got a box of wasabi Kit Kats and a box of soy sauce Kit Kats. Strange. Weird. Yucky. Gross. Delicious. Unique. What do you think? Which one would you want to try? Which one do you think would be better?

You should check out the link above highlighted by the word Kit Kat (or here again). This brings you directly to the Nestle Japan website which is cool in and of itself. I'm talking FUN! I'm also a huge fan of Japanese design whether its packaging, graphics, fabric patterns, flower arranging, rock gardens, etc.

So this is the general consensus from some of my family members: They are both surprisingly good but the majority felt the soy sauce melded better with the flavors of white chocolate. The wasabi was a bit overpowering to the sweet and there was no heat to it, only the flavor of wasabi. Uncle Jim was the only person who disagreed and preferred the wasabi over the soy sauce. I just wish we could get more but they are only sold in Japan. Lucky Asians! BTW, I love this fact from the Adage article:

Nestle was struck by the discovery that the Japanese translation of Kit Kat -- Kitto Katsu means "surely win" -- and realized it could be paired with the tradition of sending students good luck wishes before they take tough higher-education entrance exams.

Enjoy! Tell me about some interesting foods you've tried especially the ones that turned out to be better than expected.


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