About Me

The purse actually exists! And it's pink! It's actually a Seatbelt Bag that I've had for a few years and people comment on it all the time. I love how roomy it is and super sturdy...throw it in the wash and the dryer and it comes out shiny and new.

While I was trying to come up with a clever name for my new business venture (started September 2009), I kept coming back to that cute purse. Here's why it works:
  • People notice it.
  • It holds some very important stuff.
  • The content changes all the time.
  • It's unique.
  • It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
  • How totally creative that someone decided to make a purse out of seatbelts!
This describes me in a lot of ways and I wanted a name that evoked style, usefulness, creativity and uniqueness.

Welcome to my Pink Purse Creative world!

There are lots of ways to stay in touch and learn more about me including TwitterFacebookMy Blog or email. You can also check out my handmade greeting cards and coffee cup cozies in my Etsy Shop. Oh, you can also find out all about my professional background on LinkedIn.